Our response to COVID-19

At Citibase, our #1 priority is (and always has been), your safety and the safety of our team.

We recognise that this is not the time for business as usual and additional steps are required for everyone using our centres.

The purpose of the Covid Secure Office is to ensure that all our building users are aware of the enhanced safety, health and hygiene practices that we will be introducing to provide you with as safe an environment as possible. We will continue to monitor both the Government and WHO guidance therefore these practices may change.

We have introduced the following protocols that will affect the way people arrive at, move through, work in, and utilise the spaces and amenities in and around the business centre.

We encourage customers to share their best practices on any enhancements that could help to protect all of us within the centre. A more detailed guide will be available in the centre containing protocols that are location specific.

As part of the Newable Group we also offer free business advice and support for companies impacted by Covid-19. Find out more here.

Prevention measures

The most effective thing you can do to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 is adopt good respiratory and hand hygiene practices in addition to following social distancing guidance. It is vital that you wash your hands properly, cover your coughs with your elbow or a tissue, and stay 2 meters apart.

Hand sanitiser

The use of soap and water is the most effective way of cleaning your hands. You should always wash your hands when you get into work and when you get back home. Wash your hands frequently, especially after coughing, sneezing and using tissues. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser will be made available at the entrance and can be used in addition to proper hand washing.

Disposable gloves

The use of disposable gloves is a personal decision for individuals to make. Gloves can be worn when exposure to potentially contaminated surfaces cannot be avoided. Please remember disposable gloves are subject to single use and must be disposed of immediately after completion of a single task to achieve the desired purpose.

Face masks

The use of face masks is considered to be a less effective protection method than other control measures such as proper hand washing and respiratory etiquette. Their use can give a false sense of protection and their effectiveness relies on proper use and disposal. We will, however, aim to have a supply of face masks available for those who wish to purchase them.

Enhanced cleaning protocols

Specialist Covid-19 deep cleaning and sanitisation will be made available, using a disinfectant fogging process leaving all surfaces sanitised and virus free. We intend to carry this out as a precautionary measure, however, we can increase to individual suites if required at an additional cost.

Centre based hygiene teams will, throughout the day, thoroughly clean and sanitise all communal areas regularly with hospital grade anti-viral materials focusing on surfaces, equipment, reception area, meeting rooms, showers and high frequency touch points, including handles and taps.

To reduce contact, we will not enter your office space and will provide a central location for you to dispose of your office waste.


Only visitors that have a booked appointment will be allowed access to the building. Please ensure that you inform reception of any visitors that you are expecting.
Touch free hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to centre.
Safe social distancing signage will be installed including floor markings for any queues or waiting areas.


To reduce touch points and social distancing, customers are encouraged to minimise deliveries and will be required to collect their parcels directly from the courier.


Where the lifts are our responsibility, they will be temporarily taken out of operation. Individuals who are unable to use the stairs should speak to the centre manager and agree a personal plan.


All employees will be trained in safe interactions including, social distancing queue management and touchless registration for visitors.
We will install protective screens at reception. Should you wish to order protective screens for your office space we can source these for you.


We will be adopting a traffic management system to support social distancing using way finding and social distancing markers.
Where possible communal doors will be kept open during the working day to avoid physical contact or fitted with automatic opening devices. Fire doors will be fitted with auto closure devices to ensure the continued safety of all users.

Meeting rooms

Will be available subject to accommodating social distancing practices which may mean a reduction in the number of delegates accommodated.
Excessive touch points will be removed. i.e. whiteboards, pens and paper.
Catering provisions will be suspended whilst we research alternative solutions.
Good airflow is always recommended and this can be achieved by opening a window or door.


Reduce touch point door openers will be fitted to doors where possible.
Sanitiser will not be provided inside the toilets as soap and water are available for proper handwashing.


The showers will remain in use with additional disinfectant sprays provided. Each user must wipe down all areas they have touched using the cleaning materials provided before they leave the shower.
Suitable footwear (Sandals/sliders) must be worn in the shower area.
All towels and personal items must be removed after use. Where possible Citibase will provide disposable towels.


The kitchen presents a challenge in terms of reducing the number touch points and adhering to social distancing. We are reviewing what measures we can take to ensure the safety of all and each location will take all necessary precautions. We encourage customers to bring their own food and drink and eat at their desks.

First Aid

Our trained first aiders have access to PPE to protect them when providing first aid.

Building maintenance

Our contractors will be expected to adhere to social distancing rules. Non-essential works will be postponed. Emergency works will, where possible, take place outside of normal office hours.


Signs will be placed throughout the office, outlining the threat of the virus and the new working practices required.

Mechanical systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems will be cleaned and serviced with filters replaced on a regular basis in accordance with manufacturers recommendation.

Emergency evacuation procedures

The ability to safely evacuate the building remains a priority. Our normal procedure remain in place. Evacuees should report to their fire marshal before dispersing to avoid overcrowding at the muster point. Please review your emergency evacuation plan and communicate any changes to the centre manager.

Staff Training

Citibase employees will receive training in coronavirus and pandemic procedures, we are here to help and together we will beat Covid-19.