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Citibase receives some amazing nominations from our customers for the 2016 BCA Awards

Our staff are proud to say ‘we work at Citibase’ and strive to go the extra mile to make our customers happy customers. Many of our centres received some amazing nominations for Business Centre of the Year (Groups) at the prestigious 2016 BCA Awards held last month in London. Here’s a selection of quotes from […]

Our staff are proud to say ‘we work at Citibase’ and strive to go the extra mile to make our customers happy customers. Many of our centres received some amazing nominations for Business Centre of the Year (Groups) at the prestigious 2016 BCA Awards held last month in London. Here’s a selection of quotes from some of the customers who kindly took the time to nominate Citibase.

Natasha Brooks, The Talentside – Citibase Newcastle-under-Lyme (pictured above):

“Professional, friendly and responsive service – essential for a start-up business like mine. The centre staff are friendly and helpful. They have helped me to find local suppliers and services and been very accommodating during my move into the office.

After working in London, Tokyo and Sydney, I was doubtful that I’d be able to find the calibre of office space that I needed but I have been pleasantly surprised by what Citibase offer. There is no doubt in my mind that by catering for businesses like mine, that want a pleasant and professional working environment that provides minimal hassle at a competitive rate, they are attracting significant investment and employment opportunities in the town.”

Robin McGregor, Blue Thistle Ltd – Citibase Edinburgh Gyleview:

“Staff are extremely helpful and accommodating and nothing seems to be too much trouble. The location manager is very helpful and makes sure his clients needs are well looked after. Price point is very competitive and gives excellent value.

Contracts are simple to understand and all charges are explained fully. There are NO hidden charges and other dreadful clauses which can cause huge additional costs. Location is excellent for our businesses and city centre. A short tram journey gets you in the heart of the financial district within 25 minutes.”

Stevie Mayhook, Ewing Foundation – Citibase Burgess Hill:

“Having 24-hour access is really useful as we can drop off materials on our way home from training events or pick up items at short notice. The site always feels safe, even out of office hours. The location is excellent as it is easily accessible and is close to local amenities. The reception staff are always professional and helpful and despite the diversity of the occupants endeavour to create a ‘family’ atmosphere.

We run training sessions around the country and it is essential that our equipment is PAT compliant. The staff were very helpful in arranging for the testing to take place at the centre rather than us having to find someone else to carry this out. We are a very small charity and were able to negotiate a rental package that suited our tight budget. As part of our rental arrangement, we are able to use a meeting room at any Citibase centre free of charge once a year, which is a big help when trying to find venues in Central London for training events.”

Emma Grey, Ingeus – Citibase Derby:

“Being a fully serviced office offering a reception service to our customers really adds an extra element of customer service. Staff are extremely friendly and welcoming which puts our customers at ease prior to even entering our office.

As the centre is newly renovated it offers and presents a clean and professional image to our customers and key stakeholders, there’s also the added benefits of extra rooms available to provide us with expansion potential or even just facilitating ad-hoc requests for extra meetings. We do not feel restricted and therefor are able to bid for additional contracts in the Derby area without having the concern over space for growth.

We cannot thank Tom and Tracey enough for the individual support they have offered us as individuals and as a business to ensure a smooth and seamless move to Laurie House.”

Natasha Temple, Temple & Co Solicitors – Citibase Edinburgh St. Colme Street:

“The staff are wonderful and have helped me with my business from day one when I had an office in the building. I now have a virtual office – the move was seamless. I now work from home, the staff have been very helpful with taking calls and messages and even opening and reviewing my mail when I can’t come in or am on holiday which means that even though I can’t be in the office or can’t always answer calls there is minimum disruption to my business.

Most importantly the staff have a general understanding of my business which really helps when taking messages and are all extremely friendly and professional, I don’t know how I’d manage without them!”

Toni Gibiino, RDT Office Solutions Group – Citibase Nottingham Sutton Place:

“The real value comes from their flexibility. As a business trying to establish a local presence quickly, it’s important for us to be able to respond to prospective client requests quickly and efficiently. The team allow us to respond to customers in confidence knowing our facilities are able to cope with our ‘do anything’ approach to customer satisfaction.

We’d only been in the facility for three months but a noticeable example of their flexibility was demonstrated recently as they converted an adjacent office space to a boardroom for us with just a few days’ notice. With a number of senior executives due to attend our office, we required a meeting room close enough to our sales office that was private and equipped to host an all-day meeting. I had my doubts initially, but in 24 hours the team converted the place to the ideal boardroom environment equipped with scenic views, hanging wall artwork and presentation equipment. It was an amazing transformation and one that helped us secure a new contract.”

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